AST non-skid products for commercial have a high safety and durability.

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AST non-skids (EPOXO & FERROX) are used for public facilities, stadium and conventional home.

Public Facilities / Stadium

Used at public facilities, stadium, athletic entranceway, stand and walkway. At a busy place such as a baseball stadium, a small accident by a person can be a worse case. To provide safety to people, more facilities are installed a non-skid coating of AST EPOXO & FERROX.


Non-Skid Application on Slope


Stair and Entrance

Applicable to stair and entrance at conventional home and anywhere you need.
Elder Care or Nursing-care Facilities/Hospital

Dangerous places such as slippery floor, bathroom and doorway need to be ensured a safety with EPOXO and FERROX.
Also known as a non-skid for houses.

Applicable on ceramic tile, drain grating, manhole, wood, aluminum and stainless.

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