AST non-skid products for commercial have a high safety and durability.

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Project Profiles - MINISTRY OF DEFENSE

AST non-skids are used and installed to the vessels of the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Ministry of Defense for a long time. Also, the non-skids are adopted for all the flight decks of the first Japanese helicopter carrier.

Protect a ship from heat, corrosion and deterioration.

Japanese defense ministry
EPOXO (MS-375G/MS-440G) is primarily used for MD/MSDS vessels. It helps not only operate an aircraft and other equipments safely on deck but also protect a marine vessel from fire, explosion, acid, alkali, solvent, oil, saltwater, cleaner, alcohol, gasoline, and jet fuel with an excellent durability.

  • Construction on Ship Deck
  • Construction on Ship Deck
  • September 15, 2008
  • September 15, 2008

Ministry of Defense Construction Performance

Towada (auxiliary ship) in September 1996 06MST Uraga (minesweeper tender) in November 1996
Asagiri (destroyer escort) in March 1997 05LST Osumiya (amphibious ship)
07MST Bungo (minesweeper tender) in December 1997 06DD Yudachi (destroyer escort) in July 1998
08ASR Chihaya (submarine rescue ship) in June 1999 09AST Tenryo (training support ship)
10DD Takanami (destroyer escort) in August 2002 11LS Kunisaki (transport ship)
Kirishima (Aegis ship) in June 2003 12AOE Manshu (auxiliary ship) 2003 November
Makinami (destroyer escort) in January 2004

13 DD Tsuzumani (destroyer escort)

Yudachi (destroyer escort) in March 2000 Sawagiri (destroyer escort) in March 2006
Hyuga (destroyer escort) in May 2008


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