AST non-skid products for commercial have a high safety and durability.

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Deck non skid coating of the US NAVY
AST non-skid coatings are used for 85% of the US Navy vessels. On the US military bases in Yokosuka and Sasebo in Japan, the non-skids are used 100% and they show a high performance in durability with on flight decks on air craft carriers.


Japan Coast Guard

Deck non skid coating of the Japan Coast Guard
AST non-skids are installed to all the decks of the Japan Coast Guard ships and contribute in the safe helicopter takeoff and landing and the quality maintenance of the decks.


Ministry of Defense

Deck non skid coating of the Ministry of Defense
The non-skids are installed to an interior deck on escort vessels. As well as US Navy vessels, we expect that construction scale and demand in this market will increase from now on.


Pure Car Carrier

Deck non skid coating of the vehicle cargo boat
AST non-skids are used for 80% of pure car carriers, ocean vessels and domestic vessels and have a high reputation for safety and cost reduction for vehicle transport and durability of interior decks. We also start using it on car ferries, passenger ships and leisure boats



AST non-skids used for US Navy ships are also able to be applied to public areas and utilize its safety and durable performance. It can be applied to hospital, nursing center and elder care facility depends on purpose of use and space.


Public Construction

public construction sidewalkbridge
AST non-skids are used for parks, stadiums and parking lots.


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