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(Lightweight High Solids Non-Slip Coating)

MS-4100G (Lightweight High Solids Non-Slip Coating)

MS-4100G&L-LW is a lightweight high solids, heavy duty, non-slip deck coating formulated with special epoxy resins and aggregates to give maximum adhesion on aircraft carrier, surface vessels and US Coast Guard aviation flight & hangar decks and provide non-slip protection for aircraft, rolling equipment and personnel. Its lighter weight is easier to apply and handle, while helping to reduce ship weight. Its solvent free formulation is more environmentally friendly and reduces reporting requirements under NESHAP rules. Fire retardant in the cured state, MS-4100G&L-LW is resistant to fire and jet blast, most acids, alkali's, solvents, grease, oil, salt water, detergents, alcohol, gasoline, jet fuels, cellulube and other hydraulic fluids. Because of its tenacious bond, rust will not creep under the coating if fractured. MS-4100G&L-LW improved aggregate formulation lasts longer and reduces cable wear.
  Main Use
MS-4100G Lightweight is designed to be used for all the ships including CV/CVN and approved by NAVSEA to use for MIL-SPEC.
Use MS-7C /MS-7CZ for a metal primer and MS-200/MS-180 for a color topping.
(MS-4100G Technical Data Sheet / MS-4100G Material Safety Data Sheet)
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