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MS-375G (Non-Slip Deck Coating)


Type Approval by Ministry of Transport (Japanese Government) | No. F-120
NK Nihon Maritime Association approval | No. 97FPA10CF
MS-375G is an abrasive, heavy duty, non-slip deck coating formulated with epoxy resins to give maximum adhesion to metal, toughness and corrosion resistance. MS-375G was developed for application on aircraft carrier flight decks to provide non-slip protection for aircraft, rolling equipment and personnel. Fire retardant in the cured state, S-375G is resistant to fire and jet blast, most acids, alkalies, solvents, grease, oil, salt water, detergents, alcohol, gasoline, jet fuels, cellulube and other hydraulic fluids.

(MS-375G Technical Data Sheet / MS-375G Material Safety Data Sheet)
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